Sunday, December 4, 2011

Week 4/10 Recap, + Brooks Jacket Review

Week 4/10
Goal Running Miles 48 & Goal LR 17
Actual Running Miles 51  & Actual LR 17.1
Brooks Utopia Soft Shell Review Below

10.06 Miles Run - Easy run, left hip slightly hurt
25 Minutes Bike Trainer - Easy ride
8.05 Miles Run - Pace 20sec less MP, legs felt great
20 Minutes Bike Trainer - Easy ride
10 Minutes Abs - Hanging Sit Ups (3X12) and Russian Twists with 10lbs (3X25)
12.30 Miles Run - FREAKING FABULOUS run :D Fastest to date
805 Meters Swim - Goggles broke 1/2 way through my swim. Could not take the chlorine in the eyes any longer so I called it quits.
10 Minutes Tabata Circuit: Superman Pushups, Side Plank tapping back and forth, Burpees, 3 Pulse Switch Lunge, Mountain Climbers, Prisoner squats (20sec on, 10sec Recovery)
17.10 Miles Run:  1 Hour before run I had a banana and power-bar. I was planning on pacing at MP+20sec and ended up averaging MP-10sec.  Run felt great, got into my groove by mile 3, mile 5 my iPod DIED (which means no music for 12.10 miles), had 1 date at mile 10 and 14, nice elevation gains, overall great LR.
60 Minutes Bike Trainer: Shake out ride to try to loosen up right hip.  Everything feels great today except the hip.  
20 Minutes Weights: Light Ttl Body
60 Minutes Bike Trainer: Warm Up + Hard Effort Intervals (1 - 1.5 - 2 - 3 - 3 - 2 - 1.5 - 1 - .30 - .30 - .30 with 1 Minute recovery between each) + Cool Down
3.5 Miles Run: Hill Repeats, 17 Degrees.. BRRrrrrrrrrrr (does running in the cold count as an ice-bath???)
15 Minutes Yoga

**This week was tricky to balance extra hours at work and getting in my workouts. 
**All negative splits again this week. Finally getting the hang of this method of running
**Goal - I think it is time to up the speed.  After getting injured so many times throughout the year I have been holding back. I am scared. It is time to push these legs and see what they can do! :D

Website: 'Designed for high-aerobic activity, this fully loaded jacket offers the ideal warmth to weight ratio, along with breathable, full stretch, and waterproof fabric. Fit: Semi-fitted, Highly weather resistant, 360 degrees of 3M™ Scotchlite™ retro reflectivity, Side zip hand warmer pockets, Internal moisture-proof media pocket, Full zip with inner storm guard and zipper garage, Cozy cuff with thumbhole loop

 I LOVE this jacket.  
  • I have ran in temps as low as 10 degrees and this jacket is perfect.  Other jackets after about a mile you want to throw off.  This jacket keeps you at the perfect temp!
  • Water proof = My undershirt was completely dry after a rainy run.
  • Pockets - This jacket has plenty! The material fits perfect around whatever you put in them so you don't have objects bouncing around as you run!
  • Back of the jacket is slightly longer than front
  • Buy it cheap'er' @ RunnersWarehouse
  • Reflective strips - Prevent getting hit by BIG WHITE TRUCKS

  • My favorite part: The 'Thumb' hole... PLUS...... extra material to wrap up and around your fingers to create a mitten.  During cold runs I like my fingers covered for about 3 miles then I don't want gloves on... this works PERFECT.



  1. Nice review. I find it hard to find a running jacket that's lightweight and doesn't restrict while I'm running.
    Keep it up with running negative splits! Your workouts this week are fantastic as usual :)

  2. As always, NIIIICE training week! I agree, you've got a good mileage base, so you can definitely throw in speedwork. Just start small - one speed workout a week for now, then after 3-4 weeks you can throw in another - and don't try to increase your mileage too significantly at the same time (that's how I got lol). Also, that jacket is super cute! I love everything by Brooks. and I love the thumbholes and how you can wear your Garmin on the outside! I always have to push back my sleeves and feel the cold on my arms to see my watch hah. Might wanna put this on my xmas list! :-D

  3. GREAT training week!!!!!
    you are getting me more excited about my own marathon training next year (after this baby pops out of course....still planning on getting in milage all the way up until delievry though!)

    i do hope your hip feels beter soon,
    looking forward to seeing what you rock out next week for training!
    keep it up!

  4. I want to join in on your training. You would kick my butt! Love it. That jacket sounds like a great buy. I actually don't own a nice running jacket. It's something I should definitely look into!

  5. Great week of training, that's a lot of miles!

    That's so funny that you mentioned running in the freezing cold is like an ice bath, I totally had a run like that the other day :) Too cold to feel my darn face!