Thursday, December 29, 2011

Reflections of my First Year

Reflections of 2011
The Year of Firsts and Learning

January, February, March - Started 'officially' running

Purchased my first pair of running shoes and my Garmin.  Learned SO much these months!

April - Completed my first 1/2 marathon. Goal = Finish, Accomplished 1:50

May - Started my Blog to journal my journey <<<corny :) after getting into the St George Marathon

First 10K Race = 47:57
Memorial Day

June - Injured
Learned about the importance of stretching
and Foam Rolling and Protein

July - 
Training for St. George...lots and lots of local 5k's and 10k's, along with some

Awesome Hikes
Awesome Skiing
Lake Powell

August - Crandall Canyon Half Marathon

Ran through groin pain.  Here I learned the kind of pain you SHOULD NOT run through.

Learned the importance of 'cross-training'... Started to incorporate swimming and cycling.

The cross training sparked my interest in Triathlons. Purchased ALLY and completed my first 20 miler run

First Bike Crash right before the Marathon

St. George

Learned I should be wearing more of a minimalist shoe and compression gear does work!

 Went on my Favorite 22.8 Mile Hike TO DATE

Completed My first TRIATHLON - Olympic: Goal =Finish, Took 3rd in my AG
Lake Powell

Training for January Marathon.  Hitting new weekly mileage highs!

December - Injured <<<Currently FRUSTRATED

What a year of learning.  When I set out on my first run in January 2011 (3 miles), I had no idea what I was getting into.  I love this new addiction.  

I am looking into working with a coach for 2012 because I obviously don't know how to train injury free.  I am looking to RACE my heart out ALL year...... 26.2 & 70.3 are on the calendar. 

I love where running has taken my body AND my mind.  
I cant wait to continue to Build My Machine to its fullest potential.


  1. hi!! wow you had an awesome 1st yr! I can't believe you ran a marathon within the first year of becoming a runner! you are awesome!
    not to be a downer, but I think you might have taken on too many distance races too soon in your development of your running and that might be why you injured. It sounds as though you've learned a lot about how to prevent future injuries (x-training and foam-r/ice/compression)
    Good luck to you in 2012, you will ROCK IT!!

  2. Injuries suck - been there this year too! But, I'd still say that's a heck of a year and I'm sure with some more experience 2012 will be quite amazing!

  3. You had a great year. And of course, the learning never ends! Looking forward to a fab 2012!

    Happy New Year!


  4. Wow I agree with Lizzy! So glad I found your blog girl! Holy schmee. As you know I've been through the pains and if you want to ever chat please feel free to email me at

  5. Nice review and I can't believe you did all that your first year! Hopefully you can get this injury behind you and build slowly. I would seriously consider skipping the marathon and building mileage back up at 10% per week.


    You have come SO far in one year, love it!!!!

    I am SO SO jealous that you are getting a coach, I bet you're going to learn so much from them. Can't wait to hear some of what you're learning!

    I am so sad that you're always injured so hopefully this will help you achieve your dreams in this next year!!

    Most important thing that I've learned this year is to NOT overtrain. I think this helped me to keep injury free-- in 2010, I was running too many consecutive days and not drinking enough milk and that's when I had a pelvic stress fracture that took me out for five months. So this year I ate better, trained smarter and it worked!

    And half ironman, oh so exciting. I'd like to do one too this year!

  7. You are such an inspiration. To think that you only officially started running this year... I had been reading thinking you had been running for years!! You are a rock star!!! I can't wait to see how 70.3 goes next year! I think you're gonna rock it :)

  8. I cannot believe you officially started running this year... you are amazing woman and such an inspiration :) I cannot wait to read more about your training and the big events that are coming up

  9. I am so impressed! First, you dominated your first half marathon with a 1:50...that is still my goal. Then, you fought pain and injury all year long but still did a marathon and rocked a triathlon. You're a rock star! Way to go! 2012 will be amazing!

  10. 1:50 is fabulous in your first year! I hope you are recovering from your injury fast so you can have a totally awesome 2012! Good luck! You totally rock! - M

  11. I like your October the best. What a hike, wow! I've never done more than 16 miles hiking in one day. I still haven't discovered compression gear...but I would love to own some!

    Cheers to a strong and injury-free 2012

  12. Thats a rad year you had, except for the December/injury part. Hope 2012 is great too.

  13. what an incredible FIRST year in all of this dear friend! i mean are ROCKING fitness and staying active like no other! love it! and you are such an inspiration to me to incorporate other types of workouts! i KNOW how frustrating injuries can be but was so happy to read your most recent post to hear that things are looking up!