Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekly Recap

Week 6/10
Goal Miles and Goal LR 60,19
Actual Miles and Actual LR 0,0

Still no running...(14th day to be exact) huge bummer where the race is in less than 30 days. 
Good news though, this morning I am FINALLY walking without a limp! - Little confidence boost for sure.

Here is how last week went down:

1.5 Mile Swim, 60 Min. P90X Core Synergistic: Some of the moves in the video was really bothering my leg so I just modified. 1X20Myrtl Hip Strengthening Video 
2.5 Mile Swim, 60 Min. P90X Arms&Chest, 45Min P90X Yoga, 2X15Myrtle Video 
1.25 Mile Swim, 2X15Myrtle Video+ 10 Min Core
1.5 Mile Swim, 45 Min. P90X Yoga
2.2 Mile Swim + 1000 Meter Board Kicks, 2X15Myrtle Video
P90X Back and Chest + 10 Min extra back exercises, + 10 Min Core + 1X15Myrtle Video + 90 Min P90X Yoga 
3/4 Mile Swim + 90 Min P90X Yoga, 3X15Myrtle Video


  1. I am so sorry about your injury. I got caught up on your last few weeks of posts, but I couldn't see anywhere that you've said you've seen a Physical Therapist. If you haven't already, you should. Seriously. I tried to heal an injury for nearly two months, and after a week with my PT I was returning strong and could run pain free. Sometimes there are things in our bodies that need to be adjusted- things we can't do ourselves. So, even though you are doing everything right with fueling and cross training, I would still suggest seeing a physical therapist. I promise that if you do, you will be amazed.

    If you aren't going because of money, then I would call the office and tell them the situation and you want to private pay or something. That's what I did, and my PT only charges me $50/session. MONEY WELL SPENT.

    Good luck!

  2. Glad your no longer walking with a limp, good sign the injury is healing. Your doing great with the cross training though :)
    Hopefully you will be up and running again before the race!

  3. Although the injury is keeping you from running, it looks like you're really beasting it with the swimming and P90X. Way to keep going even if you can't run!

  4. I know how it is to be out of running for so long. It gets easier!! Well, hopefully you'll be back sooner than I was, but the pain and emotion is probably still pretty raw right now. It's good that you aren't limping anymore and you are cross training like a beast - that's something I love to see!!

  5. Hey Christie- When I went to see my PT he didn't require any sort of doctor's note. I don't know if this was because he's a sports medicine doctor as well??? I would try another PT. Heck! I would call all of them in my town and surrounding areas if I needed to. I don't have insurance either so I always private pay. I explained this to them up front and I think they cut me a bit of a deal. You should try to do the same. Hope this helps!

  6. Good news that there is no more limp! Hoping for continue recovery - fast!