Monday, September 5, 2011

Strong Week Recap

Monday: 14.2 Mile Run, 1/2 Mile Swim, 10 Min Stretching

Tuesday: 8.4 Mile Run, 30Minutes Upper Body Weights, 1/2 Mile Swim, 15Minutes Bike

Wednesday: 5 Mile Run, 40Minutes Bike, 15Minutes Yoga, 3/4 Mile Swim

Thursday: 8 Mile Run, 15Minutes Yoga, 1 Mile Swim

Friday: 60 Minutes Bike, 20 Minutes Yoga with Ab Focus

Saturday: 17 MILE RUN! (My longest run thus far)

Sunday: REST

I feel strong and confident after last weeks training.  It feels amazing to be running again and I have really enjoy mixing in cross training with my running - I hope this serves as a huge injury prevention!

Nerves were getting at me all week in anticipation of my LR... but I pulled those 
17 miles and could not be happier.  = )
I tried a new fuel plan on my long run that I would highly recommend you giving a try:

Instead of using these >>>>>>>>>>>>>

I would suggest using..........................................

DATES! I first got the idea from Michael Arnstein, (AKA The Fruitarian).  The man is amazing to say the least - - Anyone who can run a 100 mile ultra then win a marathon 2 days later knows a little something about fitness!

These little gems have several health benefits you can Google about; but most importantly, they are an ALL-NATURAL fuel boost.  On my run, I found them to be very easy on the stomach and an almost instant energy boost!! 


  1. have you ever experienced onstipation with the dates? i know they have been known to do that, but maybe it is different when you are running/biking/swimming so much.

    that is incredible that you are able to jump back into the kind of volume that you are doing after an injury! that is so awesome! that is really encouraging and inspiring.

    you are so ready to do a tri!

    <3 renee

  2. No I haven't... I have been eating a shit load of fruit every day so maybe my stomach is more accustom to an overload of fiber?

  3. Look at you go! Ahhh! So happy you pulled such amazing runs! WAHOO!

    I'm not sure I could do the dates. Did you have any stomach issues? I already have a "nervous" stomach so I have to test EVERYTHING out a few times before I feel safe using it during a race. A friend of ours used dried apricots as her fuel a few weeks ago and she had to make a few pit stops along the run. :/

  4. Wow, your workout week is soo intense! Awesome job :)
    I have never tried having dates as a fuel source instead of chomps or bloks... I should change it up!

  5. wow! what a great week!!!!!
    yay for the 17 miler!!!!!

  6. this is a fantastic tip. Thank you! I'm going to try it, despite the fact that jelly beans are MUCH cheaper than

  7. I have not tried dates as fuel but I love them! I must give this a whirl! Great training week. Glad to see you back at it and STRONG:)

  8. holy moly girl! 2 long runs in ONE week! you go!!!! dates? hmm....VERY interesting....MUST check this out..... good job chica! can't wait to read more . and p.s...your cross trainign gets me thinking...I SHOULD be doing more...maybe once both my girls are in school 3 days a week I can find /MAKE more time:):)

  9. Dates are great for a fuel source and they are tasty!
    Wow your really getting back into it..17miles :)
    Just a quick question do you go to a regular Yoga class or do you use a DVD?

  10. damn, I'm amazed at your mileage!! only week two after injury, you are a BEAST!!!

    And +1 on the natural food sources for midrun fuel! I personally have never run long enough to need food or even water really - I don't eat or drink during a half marathon and I've never done overdistance training before - but my mom is a seasoned marathoner and never buys those shots, gus, bloks, whatever. She eats like...sour gummy worms and sour patch kids haha. Not that that's a "natural" food but - it's not one of those synthesized "energy" products. and I lOVE dates! I'm going to take note of that for when I start my own marathon training!

  11. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I am so excited I found yours!! Awesome workouts and I love the date idea. I am definitely going to try it. I used to love the cliff blocks but lately they have been turning my stomach into knots and I have been looking for an alternative. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Where in UT do you live? We need to train together.

  12. WOO HOO for dates! I just got some last weekend and I love them. I added them to my peanut butter bars I made last weekend and they made the bars a lot sweeter. YUM!

    Girl- I am amazed by all your running! I hope I can run as much as you one day :D

  13. I went on a crazy date kick once!! I know they are amazing little things to eat during runs but those Clif shot blocks taste just like candy! So good but so bad! And yes, the Fruitarian is so crazy. I thought about trying his diet but I'm afraid I would miss too many things in my life. Who can live without nachos and M&Ms??? That's crazy talk. Update your reader so you can still get my posts! All you have to do is delete me and then re-add me!! My domain stayed the same! <3

  14. Welll that's a TON of miles, nice work!
    Congrats on triumphing over your injury............