Monday, September 19, 2011

Tapering Review

Tapering = No Bueno.  I am getting nervous already
26.2. Sub4. I.CAN.DO.IT!

5Mile Run, 45Min Upper Body Weights, 90Min Cycling, 3/4Mile Swim
8 Mile Run, 65Min Cycling, 3/4 Mile Swim
5 Mile Run, 60 Min Cycling, 1/2 Mile Swim >>> (Foot Sore Again)
30Min Lower Body Weights, 105Min Cycling, 1/2 Mile Swim
20 Min Abs, 50 Min Cycling, 1.1 Mile Swim
80 Min Cycling
140Min Cycling

After my run on Wednesday, that pain in my foot has slightly come back.  Normally, I'd just push through it; but with St George 2 weeks away, I took a mini break on the running front for the remainder of the week.  Does anyone know what this foot issue could be? Everything online I can find says 'shoes tied too tight' ....which I know is not the problem.  The only time I feel any pain is when I put pressure on the ball of my foot. This morning I went on a run and it was 99% gone...

Less than 1 year ago I starting Running.  At first, running was another means to work out... burn some calories.  I NEVER imagined I would get so addicted to this sport.  It has transformed from a work out to a lifestyle.  It is honestly all I think about.  Lately, my mind has been wondering to the idea of triathlons.  2 weeks after the marathon is the Lake Powell Triathlon.  I registered for this bad boy today!! Olympic Tri Challenge here I come!


  1. wow! didnt know you just started running a yr ago!
    congrats on getting addicted!
    and congrats on signing up for an olympic tri????
    you will do awesome.
    and yes,you can totally get a sub 4 marathon,
    i think if your foot stays happy,you can be under 4...
    now,go rest up,give that foot some R&R,and stay injury free please!
    hope you have a great rest of the week!

  2. I have heard so many good things about St. George -- I would love to run that one day! I'm excited to hear how it goes. Good luck with the foot....I always get little hints of injuries before races, and in a weird way it helps me taper and calm down a little (because I'm happy just to run, instead of gunning or obsessing over a certain time).

    Thanks for your supportive words from one introvert to another...I'm definitely interested in the book you mentioned.

  3. Running is addictive! Congrats on signing up to do your first triathlon. I'm beyond impressed...I can't believe you only got into running a year ago!
    Can't wait to see how you do. Sub 4 is definitely achievable :)

    I always love reading your workouts!!

  4. How exciting to be approaching the big day! Good luck girl! EAsy sport to get addicted to. And I want to try a tri soon too. Thanks for your sweet comment this morning. Means a lot to hear someone say something about my writing since it means so much to me and comes so freely. REally made me smile. :)

  5. I totally agree with you! Tapering is definitely no bueno. It freaks me out as race day gets closer. You are going to do AWESOME at St. George!

  6. Careful on that foot! So excited to follow your journey to sub 4! Go get 'em!

  7. i know EXACTLY how you feel!! I started running about two years ago, just because I wanted to try a race, not even everyday. Eventually it just became a part of me. I can't belive how much it has changed my life for the better. You can definitely do sub 4 if everything goes right. Just be cautious and remember that it's okay to back off if your foot is bothering you. It's better to be safe now than sorry later!

  8. Thanks for following my blog!

    Feet injures are the worst. I sprained a lot of tendons in both my feet 4 months ago and I am just getting back into running the farther distances. If the pain is still there, I'd get it checked out! Nothing is worse than being forced to not run.

    Can't wait to read more about your running adventures!!