Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Syntrax Protein


Due to a series of constant injuries, I narrowed down the culprit = nutrition. I was not getting enough protein for my muscles to recover properly. I don’t know why it never clicked in my head before...

In the investment world it is totally clear to me. 
If you want to reach your investment goals you need to consistently SAVE!! 
DUH Christie, same principle for your body. 
If you want to reach your fitness goals you need to consistently FUEL!!

I still practice a Fruitarian diet about 90% of the time, now with protein focus.  After many trials and errors I found: SYNTRAX

Here is what the site says:
  • 23 freaking grams of protein!
  • WHEY protein
  • 0 FAT
  • 0 Carbs
  • NO sugar
  • Gluten Free
  • ONLY 90 Calories
  • Digests so easy
  • 8% of Daily Calcium

I opted for the flavor variety pack.
 (Scale: 1-5)
  • 1/5 Apple Ecstasy: Tastes like apple liquor! Yuck
  • 5/5 Cappuccino: YUM!! Rich taste. 
  • 4.5/5 Caribbean Cooler: Not quite as sweet as a Pina Colada. 
  • 3.5/5Chocolate Truffle: Chocolate flavor not very strong.  It would probably taste better with milk. 
  • 3/5Crystal Sky: Ok, Not tart: flavor kept will until the end
  • 3/5Fuzzy Navel: Tastes like an orange smoothie
  • 1/5Lemon Tea: If you like tea this would be good.  Not my Fav
  • 3.5/5 Pink Grapefruit: Not sour like I expected it to be.  More like Pink lemonade.
  • 2/5Roadside Lemonade: Watered Down Lemonade :(
  • 5/5 Strawberry Kiwi: YUM explosion in my mouth.  A little tart; but I like that. Mixed very well. 
  • 2/5Strawberry Mousse: This would have gotten higher rating if I wouldn’t have put so much water. 
  • 4/5 Twisted Cherry: Tastes great! Very fruity flavor. 
  • 5/5 Vanilla Bean Torte: I mixed with Power Aid Zero and it was SO yummy.  Tasted like a dream sickle. 
Negatives: VERY Foamy at first – To prevent this, I mix it up and wait about 5 minutes.


  1. I'm going to look into purchasing this. The nutritional stats are really good. The protein content here is much higher then in the protein powder I currently use!
    Hopefully this will help with muscle recovery :)

  2. Oo I like the nutritional stats on these... I have been looking for a protein powder to try.. Perhaps it shall be this one!

  3. yes,ive tried these and they are great!!!!usually had them either after a morning run or after a hard workout!
    hope yor able to keep that protienup and stay injury free!!!

  4. These do look great! I unfortunatly can't tolerate whey protein in any significant amount, so these wouldn't work for me...but I kinda wish they would! mmm especially that cappuccino one...

    I didn't know you were fruitarian! How long have you been practicing that diet? (just curious, I've never really known anyone who practices this but being a future nutritionist I definitely am interested to learn more!)

  5. I love the fun flavors!! Kiwi Strawberry sounds like a great one for smoothies. It's a shame some of the more fun flavors aren't that great. I'm glad you figured out what you think was causing the injuries for you - hopefully everything gets back on track!