Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Aero Bars and An Accident

Lets start with the good news:
Profile Design Legacy Aerobar

I was having some major issues with the gears on my new bike, took it to my local bike shop, they fixed the problem and put these bad boys on complimentary for the inconvenience:
I realize I have no photography skills
IN LOVE.  I have honestly increased my avg speed about 2mph - SCORE.

Now the bad news:

Yesterday I was finishing up a long bike ride after work when an inconsiderate driver decided to not look both ways before pulling out in front of me.  I thought he saw me so I sped up, he proceeded and the side of his HUGE ASS truck hit me. My thought process after hitting the ground:


2 - If I can not run the marathon this weekend I am going to kick this huge guys ass Hanna style (**movie**)

3 - Turn off the Garmin so my time is accurate. 
Clearly you can see what is priority in my mind? 

Funny thing, the guy did not even know he hit me... he thought I 'fell'.  I really wish people would pay attention when they drive.  Anyways, he wanted to take me to the hospital, I don't believe in present day medicine, so I opted for a ride home.

I am so thankful there was no oncoming traffic or I would have been toast.  My dad tells me it is a good 'learning experience'... sure Dad - how about teaching me this life lesson next week, AFTER my marathon.

This morning I have a swollen knee, shoulder, and hip... some gnarly gashes and bruises but I am ALIVE :D My Dad does not think I should race; but I have put way to much time into this to not.  Set backs do not determine outcomes.  If I have to cross the finish line limping, you bet your ass I will :)


  1. geez girl! so glad you are ok for the most part. just take it easy for the rest of the week and see how you feel race moring. so sorry to hear about this. what a moron!!!

  2. holy road rash batman!!!!!
    i am so glad things werent worse!!!!
    i love your spirit and attitude though!
    yup,theres no stopping you from racing this weekend!
    youre one tough cookie!!!!

  3. Holy crap girl! that is REALLY scary!!! are lucky you are alive! I almost got hit by UPS truck today on my run. Stephanie pretty much saved my life. scared teh crap out of me. geez......hang in there...REST, take care of those wounds and kick some trash this weekend! xx

  4. This is scary! You were so lucky! I am terrified of riding outside for this very reason. I mostly spin inside. Glad you are okay.

  5. yikes!! i am glad you are OK, and that he stopped to help.

    drivers are so dangerous these days... too many distractions.

  6. OMIGOSH! I am so glad your crash wasn't worse!

    I hope you are feeling better ASAP so you can race like a maniac on saturday!!

  7. Crap! I'm thankful your ok and didn't sustain any major injuries!

    I hope this doesn't hinder your performance on Saturday. Get some rest!

  8. Oh no! Pavement hurts!!! Please rest all week....that is all your body needs. Especially with the upcoming marathon. I am so sorry this happened to you. Rest, rest and more rest. Big hugs girl!

  9. "turn off the garmin" hahaha I love it. but OMG - so glad you're ok!!! On the plus side, now you have some sick battle scars, and when you crush your marathon this weekend you can be like "and look - I did it all with THIS!" hahaha.

    Also those aerobars are SWEET, i've got a couple cyclist guy friends that would be reaaaally jealous of those....

  10. bad news :( sorry to hear this. But I love and relate to your priorities.