Monday, September 12, 2011

20LR, New Addition, and Team R.P.

Lets Recap::

I knew that I had my first 20 miler so I cut my mileage back on the running front during the week.  Training went a little something like this::::: 
- 60 Minutes Cycling
- 30 Minutes Upper Body Weights
- 3/4 Mile Swim
- 8 Mile Run
- 60 Minutes Cycling
- 15 Minutes Yoga
- 1/2 Mile Swim
- 7.1 Mile Run
- 10 Minutes Abs
- 70 Minutes Cycling
- 60 Minutes Cycling
- 30 Minutes Lower Body Weights
- 1.1 Mile Swim
- 35 Minutes Total Body Weights
- 10 Minutes Foam Rollin'
- 1/2 Mile Swim
- 20 Mile Long Run!!!!
- 20 Minutes Easy Cycling
- 15 Minutes Stretching/Foam Rollin'
- 60 Minutes Easy Cycling to loosen the legs up

Saturdays 20 Miler was such a confidence boost.  When I heard the chirping of my Garmin at the 20 mile mark - PURE EUPHORIC BLISS! I can not believe less than 3 weeks ago I was not able to run.  I now feel like I can kick St. George's ass (which is 19 days away if you were wondering).  My legs seriously felt amazing after the run, super quick recovery.  The only side note today the TOP of my right foot is SO SO sore... like I cant stand on my toes sore.  This happen to anyone???? Remedies?? Notes from the run:
  • Dates are officially my go to fuel.  I ate 1 at mile 7, 13, 15, and 18.  
  • I should GoogleEarth my runs before hand to check out elevation >>>>>>>>>>>
(this was not ideal terrain for my first 20 miler)
  • Mile 17 seems to be my 'Wall' : Mantras break down that wall though!  
  • Running as the sun rises is one of the most amazing feelings
  • (SUAR) was genius in cutting off socks for temporary CHEAP arm warmers   


This AWESOME GUY - Jason, gave me some wonderful advice to pursue Tri's.  One being head on to my local bike shop for some help with my first bike purchase.  They were great and helped me find something in my budget while still being effective for what to do.  Newbies - you should know

CAUTION: Cars do not watch out for you, be forewarned (my biggest fear now!). Again thanks Jason!!

Lastly - I know this is not a political blog: but I am pretty obsessed with Ron Paul 
and this sticker arrived over the weekend :D


  1. Sweet ride. Glad I could help out a little. Don't be afraid to ask questions otherwise you'll never know the answers.

    Dates are a great fuel and all natural obviously. I just have an issue with the stickiness. How did you eat them and not feel sticky and what did you do with the pits?

  2. 20 miles, that's HUGE. Congrats!!

    You need to compete in a tri ASAP because you're going to kick it's butt. Can't believe how much swimming you do, you're incredible!

  3. 20 miles is quite the accomplishment!! Congratulations :)

  4. YAY!! way to go chica!!! I remember my first 20 !! you DID IT! can't waIT for St. George for you! you're gonna eat them alive!!!!!

    on the dates front...just eat one date ? not a couple at a time?

  5. Nice bike! yay you completed 20miles. Congratulations :)

    I have issues to with soreness on the top of my feet. The physio told me it could be too much running on the pavement or just my running style!? (Brussel Sprouts normally I boil them or microwave them!)

  6. Awesome job on the 20!

    (And that bike is s w e e t.)

  7. Congrats on your longest run! Glad you are healthy again! Love the new wheels!!! tn